Creating new opportunities to share the spirit of your ministry - live online bcasting is a simple but powerful way to bring your community together."

Our Tailored Church Community Solution

With bcast you make your services available to an online audience for live and archival viewing.

With live and on-demand video broadcasts, there’s no limit to how many people can be in attendance at your community celebrations. Country and interstate, the elderly and immobile, families with young children, time-poor professionals - everyone can join your community and share in an important moment. In one click the event is visible - live - to your entire community. Our Community solution includes:

  • One-click bcasting and access to live events
  • On-demand access to archival recordings, anytime
  • Simple access protection

A bcast Community solution delivers high quality live streaming video for a fraction of the standard cost of bandwidth alone, but that’s not all, bcast also provides:

  • Comprehensive, custom-built Community Site
  • Site Hosting
  • News, events, galleries
  • Support for online store, blog, forum, newsletters
  • Donation remittance
And if you're wondering about the costs involved, you'll be happy to learn that many churches are covering their bcasting costs completely through viewer donations.


The following interview captures the experience and satisfaction of a bcast customer.

bcast: So tell us what NCYC is about...

RP: We like to say that NCYC is possibly the greatest seven days since Genesis! The National Christian Youth Convention is seven days of young people hanging out, doing electives and bible studies, and worshipping in a way you never could at home. The week is packed with music, speakers, entertainment – and usually a life changing moment or two. Around 2000 young people aged 16 to 30 from Australia and overseas, other churches, and from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds converge on NCYC to make it the biggest gig of the Uniting Church in Australia. The event has an international flavour and there’s lots of community activity.

And what did you want to use bcast for?

We worked hard to prepare a lot of high quality events for NCYC 2009, and it seemed a shame not to share these as widely as possible. We wanted to leverage the internet to share the vibe of the week, and discovered bcast. The idea that we could actually go ‘live’ with our convention was exciting … but we were nervous! Little did we know how easy it would be; and the success was even more surprising.

What was your bcast application?

We used the bcast Community technology. This meant that we could provide a group of subscribers online access to several Bible studies and also deliver real time streams of the convention gatherings and nightly worship services. The bcast Community site was completely integrated with our web design, so the user experience was entirely consistent. Users simply logged on and were able to watch our events right at the moment they were happening – they could feel as though they were there with us … and because of the interaction features like ‘chat’, they were.

What were some of the benefits?

Well bcast’s main strengths are that it’s live, high quality and readily accessible online, so it really extended our reach. The system was clear and simple, and we had great support from the bcast team with setup and seamless site integration. And finally, it delivered on its promise by making the spirit and joy of the convention accessible for more of our ‘community’. And our broadcast archives are still accessible as a living history of NCYC 2009.

How have you measured success?

We had many subscribers, lively interaction during the bcasts using the chat tool, and a lot of enthusiastic praise for the medium. We were able to grow our community through bcast, and with the integrated PayPal payments/donations we actually generated revenue and came out well in front.

And what did your community have to say?

We’ve had some great feedback, which is why we’re so happy to sing bcast’s praises:
“It’s great. So easy, and I felt like I was right in the thick of what was happening.”
“Thank you so much for bcasting – helped me to be a part of this special moment in time.”
“Without your live broadcasts, I could not have been a part of NCYC 2009 – so much fun!”

Bcast Presentation and Brochure

Community Presentation
To learn more about the bcast Community product, click here to watch a narrated online presentation.

Community Brochure

Click to download the bcast Community brochure.

Bcast is Australia’s first live, interactive video broadcasting platform. Anyone with a camera and internet connection can broadcast their event globally using bcast technologies. With bcast you can reach further than ever before. Bcast custom Community Sites connect you to your community online with news, photos, chats, learning content, and of course special built-in access to bcast for broadcasting and viewing regular community events LIVE! Not only can you connect to your community, your community can connect to you. Bcast one-to-many live interactive video encourages viewers to chat, submit questions, and a host of other live, real-time interactions.

Why bcast?

Why is bcast the best?

image Simple, tailored, and significantly more affordable than any other solution, bcast is the partner of choice for your ministry broadcasting.

With our own national server infrastructure dedicated to the task, a high-capacity broadcast management system, professional multimedia production facilities, and signature HD broadcast technologies, bcast is a truly unique solution. Call us to tour the system - (03) 9005 2050.

Great Advantages

  • No software to download
  • Simple, one-click operation
  • Highest broadcast quality
  • View on handsets eg. iPhone
  • All browsers, Windows, MAC

Bcast Live Stream

See Live Streaming for yourself!
When your community accesses a live stream or archive, there is no software to download, and no systems to learn - they simply arrive at our simple player. Just one click and they're viewing a live stream.
For on-demand archives, viewers can jump to anywhere in the movie without preloading.
Give it a try, and be sure to maximise the screen to see the quality:

The player will show in this paragraph

Contact bcast

The best way to understand bcast is to see a demonstration. If you would like a bcast representative to contact you and arrange a time to visit and discuss your needs, just complete this form. Or call us now on (03) 9005 2050, and we can answer your questions.