Simple, tailored, and significantly more affordable than any other solution, bcast is the partner of choice for Live Online Broadcasting. With our own national server infrastructure dedicated to the task, the most reliable international replication strategy, a high-capacity broadcast management system, professional multimedia production facilities, and signature HD broadcast technologies, bcast is a truly unique solution.

There's something crazy about the Internet. On one hand you have increasingly ubiquitous high speed Internet, faster computers, every device can surf, everyone has a camera, and there's a community interacting with information and entertainment every second in real time. On the other hand, the majority of content is static, textual, historic, dated.
Computers will only get faster, and broadband Internet penetration will only extend further. The inevitable future of Internet connectivity is real-time high definition video - anywhere, everywhere. Bcast plans to be ahead of the game, offering the best technology solutions for live, high definition video streaming.
David Drew
- Founder

Lots of advantages: no software to download, one-click operation, highest broadcast quality, suitable for handsets like the iPhone, works on Windows, Linux, MAC, all browsers, and standards based.


Bcast will make live online video the future for internet communications by providing simple, affordable live streaming solutions.


Bcast is always interested in hearing from talented Flash programmers and video encoding specialists - preferably Melbourne based. If you'd like to speak to bcast about careers, just send us your CV.

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