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1 January 2010

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A New Website to Celebrate bcast ready for 2010

Bcast continues to evolve as a the partner of choice for Live Online Broadcasting. Every day we're coming up with new applications, new technologies, and new ways to support you - our live video broadcasters.

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January 2010

Gluten Freedom - New TV Show

The world's first Gluten Free cooking show is proudly supported by bcast - Visit:

October, 2009

Horizon at Armstrong Studios

Live broadcasts direct from the Hallowed Studio 2 of Armstrongs - bringing us closer to such rock luminaries as Horizon. Visit:

September, 2009

Uniting Church Reaches Out

Live online simulcast of the Installation of the Moderator of the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania of the Uniting Church in Australia, Isabel Thomas Dobson, coming to you from Wesley Uniting Church, Melbourne. Visit:

January, 2009

National Christian Youth Convention

The National Christian Youth Convention is seven days of young people hanging out, doing electives and bible studies, and worshipping - broadcast online with bcast. Visit:

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