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bcast Community

bcast Community Portal solution

A bcast Community Site delivers high quality live streaming video for a fraction of the standard cost of bandwidth alone, but that’s not all! Community Package Features: Custom-built Community Site, Site Hosting, News, events, galleries, Online store, blog, forum, newsletters, Donation remittance, Live Stream and bcast portals, Archival of all recordings. Anyone with a camera and internet connection can broadcast their event globally using bcast technologies. With bcast you can reach further than ever before. download PDF

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bcast Event

Feel it in real time

With bcast, you can broadcast your performance, recital or remote live event at the click of a button. Bcast ticket sales, audience analytics and high fidelity video make it the broadcast medium of choice. Make your next celebration an online crowd pleaser, and find an international audience for your event. The process is simple; just run your video camera into your Internet-ready computer and click 'broadcast'. Your audience can view the live streaming video from a bcast portal or your own site. download PDF

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bcast Channel

24-7 broadcasting for large volume media

Streaming video uses a lot of bandwidth, and without bcast every stream costs you for video upload as well as all the audience downloads.
A bcast channel gives you the ability to stream live video content 24 hours a day to an international audience. Host multiple channels to provide a complete video communications network, or to run simultaneous video feeds from your important landmark site, construction or city centre.

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bcast Handset

Turn your iphone into a bcaster / bcast viewer

Handsets present a unique challenge for streaming media, demanding optimisation of quality and size. Bcast can provide streaming video tailored to today's leading handsets. If you want to make your content accessible from all devices - PC, MAC, iPhone, whatever - we can implement optimised players for every scenario, all working off the same live stream. Be impressed!

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bcast Press Club

Online PR, Repository for HD footage

Introducing the bcast Press Club - a product concept supported by existing bcast technologies. A forum where journalists can come to hear the country's heads of government, business leaders, and the community. Engaging in press conferences without limits. A central repository captures HD content from all sources, invitations are issued and accepted, and journalists subscribe for releases and access to content for sale.

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bcast On-Demand Hosting

Easy-start hosting for on-demand video content

Sometimes all you want is to host a single, important video somewhere you'll know it's going to work. bcast On-Demand Hosting is the perfect solution for website video support. Perhaps you're a wedding videographer that wants to make a film available to family and friends. Maybe you just want to host one sales presentation. On-Demand is the product for you.

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