Sports and Entertainment

All the Excitement of Being There

Experience all of the atmosphere of a live event from the comfort of your own home - on the PC, on your handset - anywhere, anytime. Live and On-Demand video streaming captures events in real time with stunning sound and breathtaking vision. Sports, concerts, intimate performances - entertainment from anywhere in the world right to your Internet ready device.

Local Government

Transparency, Engagement, Celebration

With Live and On-Demand video broadcasts, there’s no limit to how many people can attend community events and local government proceedings. Constituents can watch live council meetings, visitors can enjoy a rich cultural calendar, students can learn about their local government at work, and everyone can connect to an engaging living history of online video archives.

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Never Miss a Moment

Simple, tailored, and significantly more affordable than any other solution, bcast is the partner of choice for school broadcasting. School performances, sporting events, information evenings, continuity planning, public relations, extra curricular support, school archives, weather contingency, adminsitration and emergency communications and class delivery.

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Community Groups

Engaging your Community

bcast is Australia’s first live, interactive video broadcasting platform. Anyone with a camera and internet connection can broadcast their event globally using bcast technologies. With bcast you can reach further than ever before.bcast custom Community Sites connect you to your community online with news, photos, chats, learning content, and of course special built-in access to bcast for broadcasting and viewing regular community events LIVE!

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Funeral Services

When Moments Matter

When moments matter, bcast Live Online Broadcasting for Funeral & Memorial Services is there. Friends, family, the elderly and immobile, co-workers, the community - interstate and overseas - everyone can connect and share in an important moment.

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Church Communities

When you've got a mission to reach

Creating new opportunities to share the spirit of your ministry - live online bcasting is a simple but powerful way to bring your community together.

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